Hello there and welcome to our first Lord of the Rings figure review. And first time we review a figure from Asmus Toys too! And you know what? As we said when we reviewed the Phicen M34, this figure from Asmus wont be the last one. Really loving Thranduil! (ey! dont forget the M from DKHM means Mordor!)

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Very similar to the Hot Toys art boxes we use to see. Art and materials on this one looks pretty nice, including the main cover and the one underneath (wich covers the figure inside).

Once we get the figure’s shell out of the box, there you have all accesories and the figure perfectly protected. All looks more than ok.


Since we seen the first promo pics from Asmus toys we just felt in love. Thranduil looks amazing there and so it looks once in hand.

Looking for something to complain we could talk about the hair looking a bit weird when you get the figure out from the package. His hair is just wrong and you should place it fine (check the video) and even though isnt totally perfect if you take a few minutes on it, it would look cool enough.


Face sculpt could looks some strange too but, as we manage the hair the best we can, it seems to solve most of the problem, giving us a pretty accurate sculpt. Just a little bit of futzing with hair. Maybe it seems that face and hair looks horrible but it isnt. Just telling you everything wrong and ok (as usually). You just have to check the pics and youll see how nice this Thranduil can be.


The clothes and armor are nearly perfect. Nothing to argue here. Nice armor sculpt and nice tailoring. Clothes and cape (wich is a blue vevelty material outside and bright red inside) really are the ones a King would wear. And the crown Thranduil is wearing looks perfect too, including a diamond-like crystal and not just a paint touch.

The cape feeling, wich is posseable too, and the details all over the armor (shoulders looks fantastic) give to the figure the quality it deserves.


Theres a manual inside the box that tells you how much you can move the arms. It´s the only limit id say. Because of the oversized armored shoulders you cant get the arms really up, but other than this, Thranduil is in perfect shape and has a great range of articulation.



Thranduil comes with extra hands (and 2 extra pegs for them), 2 die-cast elvish swords, one detailed and translucid stick (a wizard staff like) oneand 2 different bases. One is a kind of diorama (pretty good sculpted and painted) and the other one is a squared and single base with «The Hobbit» tittle on it.



Though it isnt perfect (are there any perfect figure?) and hair needs a bit of futzing (first time i do it and seems easy and even a bit funny lol) to get a real likeness of Thranduil as we saw him on the big screen, this figure from Asmus has a very cool looking and detailed outfit, nice accesories and… its just a 600 units edition!!! And all of this at a price lower than usual.

Though im a real Lord of the rings fan, never decided about collecting the Asmus LOTR figures (you should take a look at my «batcave»… theres no space even for oxygen lol) but after get this Thranduil i just know that THE JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN…



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