New 1/6 figure review. But this time it isnt a regular figure but a body and a clothe set. The body is made by Phicen, a popular brand in this collectors market and Bane set is… you know… not so official.

Come with us and discover this two amazing collectors pieces.

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Phicen Body M34:

We use to talk about the figures with different sections like Paint, Accesories and so, but as this one is about a body but not a complete figure, we will just talk about it directly.

As said, its made by Phicen, the popular brand that is know best because of their female figures. Im sure you know… And if you dont know them…Just take a look:

Pics closed? Sure? Ok. About this male body we just can say that… it was really a surprise for me. Amazing body, far away from Hot Toys standards. Yes, this one is way better for me.

Starting with packaging it shows how Phicen cares about their products. Its an smaller box that the ones were use to see in regular figures, but its really well done and it hasnt the taste of «cheap stuff». Not at all.

In fact, after getting this figure, im pretty sure we will come back with more Phicen stuff. Stay tunned.


About accesories, theres one more special than no other: the penis. Yep. Two penis. Releaxed one and the»ive just seen a Phicen female figure».Its an accesory that i dont need at all and i dont see other use for it plus than «play» with that body and the female ones. You know what i mean…

If you want to see it (just a bit), check the video review at the end. I dont like to make pics of penis. Call me strange.

Plus than this, it comes with various hands, and some yellow stuff like shorts. Check the original product pics:

And with those pics you can check how articualted that body is. Really. No trick on those pics. That body is a metal and articulated skeleton with a sof rubber body. And its perfect to get every pose you want. EVERY one you wish. It works just perfectly.

Even the feeling of touch it is like touch a real body. As it represents a male muscular body maybe it could be a bit harder but… it doesnt matter. Its perfect for me. The only thing is about durability but as this one is my first Phicen figure, i dont know if it uses to break or not (happens a lot with certain Hot Toys figures with soft rubber bodies).

But if you read the instructions inside the box (that tells you the articulations limits and how to hold the figure) i think there shouldnt be any problem.

Maybe the paint job is the weakest point. Not special faults but maybe more detail could be added to the skin.

Bane – Clothe Set:

Well… i bought this Phicen body to improve my custom Bane. I use a Kaustik body (check the pic below) and it was a little small for me. Its similar in size to the original one from Hot Toys but… i think the original is small too.

I know a lot of people will say that this Phicen isnt film accurate but Bane (in the film) wasnt comic book accurate, so…


Kaustik (left) VS Phicen (right)

That clothe set includes a cloned headsculpt from the original release of Hot Toys. And the clothes are very close to the original ones. Sure that the Hot Toys original could be a bit better but this set is really awesome. And… Counting the Phicen body and Bane set you own an amazing Bane figure for 180 USD. And is hard to find the original for less than 300 USD, so…

And.. what the hell?? I preffer this one with the Phicen body. Its a beast.



We dont like to promote non original stuff but ignore the «custom» in this hobby is to be blind. Custom figures exists and not all people can (or wants) to afford the so high costs in out of stock figures like the original Bane. So, we´re happy someone is cloning that stuff.

So now, take a loot at our gallery and check the videoreview (in spanish, but weve added some english subs for you ^^ ).

I just hope you find this review cool or useful and… sorry if your eyes were hurt because of wrong english here! I promise i did my best with english!

Now is time to say bye and see you soon. Thank you for reading us and please comeback!


Video Review (You Tube) *include english subs

¿Where to buy?

This review has been made with stuff bought from TNS, a Hot Toys distributor located in China where you can find original and custom stuff like this Bane set. In fact, here you have the link for the set. About the Phicen body sure they can help if you mail them.

TNS Bane Set (cabeza+ropa)