Hello there fellow collectors and friends all over the world.

This is our interview with the collectibles company that has born this year: Molecule 8.

Since first official announcement, Molecule 8 has all the eyes over them because the quality its been shown in their prototypes, the AAA+ licenses announced to be working on, working with such talented artists as Kyung ah Kim and their goal to make fast releases.

Here you see the licenses announced till now:


Its not a tiny thing, isnt? This August we should see the first of their figures, John Lennon, being released. So, what if you came with us and have a chat with Molecule 8 CEO, Vijay Chadha,  till the wait for Lennon is over? Here we go.

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DKHM: Collectors all around the world are starting to know about Molecule8, a new collectibles company creating 1/6 scale figures and coming out with a few interesting licenses. How did Molecule8 begin? It’s a plan from a long time ago?

 M8: Even before Molecule8 existed, we invested a lot of time and energy into researching the development process of prototype creation. We subsequently invested into several production methods to ensure we would produce our limited edition figures at the highest quality.


DKHM: We’ve already seen the first figure to be released (John Lennon “Imagine”) being delayed from May to July and now to August. There’s no problem i think as most companies release several months after announcement. But were there initial planning difficulties with releasing after just a month from announcement or were there other factors in the delay?

M8: We are focused on production quality and delivering a well-rounded collectible figure. The initial announcement inadvertently allowed us to receive great feedback from the collecting community. We made the decision to respond in kind to the community by adjusting our production plans to include additional outfits, extra feet in sandals, a guitar and a designer stand. Naturally, achieving the same level of quality for those extra items meant extra time to get just right. John Lennon is an exceptionally important project to us and we hold ourselves to our promise to deliver an excellent figure to fellow collectors. We like to release various work in progress images at different stages and hope that provides some exciting insight into our process. Doing so is our way to share the effort that goes into making figures and giving our artists time and space, so our patience is really key to produce the best results.

Here you can check all the new stuff for John Lennon «Imagine» figure:


DKHM: Now we know Endoskeleton is being sold separately, too. Any differences between this one and the one that figures will be utilizing?

M8: Apart from the following, the Endoskeleton inside John Lennon is fundamentally the same. There differences between the stand alone Endoskeleton and the internalized Endoskeleton is that the standalone has a stainless steel articulated skull, hands and feet which are replaced by interchangeable boots, sandals & feet, multiple hands and 2 head expressions for John Lennon.

The standalone Endoskeleton product also comes with a unique LED lighted custom designed Pod.


DKHM: How many releases can we expect per year? Any plans you can share about the upcoming figures?

M8: As you can see on our Artist Collaboration page, we work on multiple figure projects in parallel which are all at different stages. The next release to follow up John Lennon is Willy Wonka which we are very much looking forward to showing soon.


DKHM: We’ve seen Molecule8 has teamed up with Kyung ah Kim to develop the Lennon head sculpts. Could we expect more work from her on Molecule8 figures?

M8: Yes, we are currently working on a new project together with K.A.KIM, alongside many other talented artists and we will announce those in the near future.


DKHM: We’ve seen older movie licenses among Molecule8’s plans. Is there a place for horror movies, too? For example, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and… you know, «vintage horror characters.»

M8: Maybe not these specific licenses you have mentioned above, but for sure licenses of interest to the figure collecting community as a whole.


DKHM: Lord of the Rings. There’s no doubt this is a fan favourite. Has Molecule8 a plan to release specific figures from this license or is it something we will just see as time goes on?

M8: Lord of the Rings is very much an ever green and treasured opportunity for us to work on. We are working on important characters from the movie trilogy and are looking forward to share our work in progress on these projects.


DKHM: Would Molecule8 hear the fans? For example, if once prototypes are shown and fans asks about certain changes would Molecule8 consider applying those suggested changes? Or do you just trust 100% in your work and would ask fans «to wait and see?”

M8: The many artists and engineers that go in to the design production and manufacturing of our figures are all excellent and they produce exceptional work. However, we very much listen to compliments to see what we have done well, as well as critiques from the community across the globe to see where we can improve. As you can see we already made several additions by adding costumes and the guitar to John Lennon “Imagine” set and we have made tweaks where we could, given where we are in the production process of each of the many components of each specific project.


DKHM: We know that Molecule8 is working on the 1/6 market but is there any chance to develop other things such as dioaramas, statues or 1/4 figures?

M8: Yes, of course. As you can Imagine our main focus for the moment is John Lennon. We do hold 1:4 scale licenses as well and if we can feel the demand from the community, dioramas will be developed into our company’s product range. You will have seen that we have already created a very special 1/6 scale White Grand Piano.


DKHM: Collectors from all over the world (specially Europe) often have problems collecting because prices become higher after an item goes through several distributors. Have this been a consideration? Is that the reason for your worldwide shipping option on your site?

M8: I am from the UK and I totally understand the issues that collectors in Europe have importing from other territories outside of the EU. I think it’s very important to give collectors as many purchasing options as possible. We decided very early on to serve collectors directly if they wish to purchase from Molecule8.


DKHM: To finish our «little chat» I will just say thank you and we hope to talk again in the near future. We just wish you the best. Thank you very much!

M8: Any time, Jose. Thank you for the opportunity.

You can visit Molecule8  website with the link in the banner below: