Today we start a little chat with Asmus Toys, the 1/6 scale action figures company from USA.

Theyre the ones crafting such incredible figures from loved franchises as Lord of The Rings or more recently: The Hateful Eight.

So let me introduce you to George Hsu, the product development team leader from Asmus Toys and come with us to find some interesting info.

Admin Note: Sameway we did with Threezero a few months ago, this time weve decided to include this interview in both english in spanish because of the international origin of our guest: Asmus Toys. So the first thing we would like to say is sorry for grammatical errors in this interview… Please take in mind we are located in Spain and were just trying to do our best to reach the most of you with that english version.

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Spanish version: Entrevista Asmus Toys


DKHM: Asmus Toys is one of the various companies in the action figure in 1/6 scale market. Making itself a name here is way hard but… Lord of the rings was in the plans.

How is that such a loved franchise as Lord of the rings never was developed in that high quality levels from other companies? Was too hard to get licenses and starts working on it?

Asmus: The process of granting the license was very difficult. At the time we signed LOTR, we did not have enough credit in our portfolio, so it was very lucky for us to earn the opportunity to work on a mega scaled project like The Lord of the Rings.


DKHM: Some of the Lord of the rings figures from Asmus has become real grails in this collectors world. Do you know when you really have a chance to impact the audiences when a product is finished? Are you planning certain releases for more lotr and The Hobbit items or it depends on how the market is moving?

 Asmus: No doubt, it is important to learn the first hand feedbacks of what the collectors want, it effects directly upon our order of releases. The collectibles are made for collectors, so it is important to us that we fulfill their demand.

DKHM: One of the cool things in LOTR universe is the armies. Are there any plan to release somekind of special packs or low cost figures to represent regular units that will be cool to use as an army behind the main characters?

Asmus: The concept of armor packs is always in our bags, and I am sure the date of such a fun idea to come true is not far.

DKHM: What about the monsters? Trolls, Shelob… almost impossible isn’t it?

 Asmus: Yes, We are developing Uruk hais already, it should be an interesting monstrous year in 2017.

DKHM: I think you could spend a life releasing LOTR stuff but ey! Hateful Eight are coming too! Were there any special reason to go for that license? Tarantino is a very popular film maker, is there any chance to see more characters from other Tarantino movies?

Asmus: Actually, Hateful Eight came to us back at the end 2015. We were so excited because we were all fans of Tarantino. Unfortunately, it is told that other licenses of Tarantino were taken by other brands.

DKHM: Something special was the announcement of The Mask figure release. We know that there are a lot of collectors that really loves films from 80s and 90s. Any more character from that period in the plans?

 Asmus: No really, do you have anything in mind that can recommend to us?

DKHM: Mmm, just a few… Gremlins, Critters, something from Stallone or Bruce Willis…theres a lot of cool stuff if you think on it! 😉

And talking about history… we just hope the Asmus History never ends and continue to release figures that all fans want to see. Thank you for your time and specially thanks for making collectors dreams a reality. Will we be in contact or will be there new releases soon? I hope so. Once again: Thank you very much and congrats for a good work.

You can check the Asmus Toys site and online shop in the next link: Asmus Toys

Extra: Heres the latest W.I.P pic released from Asmus Toys, showing us a Legolas headsculpt in progress.